Sakura Signature Massage

Our calming massage begins with light to medium Pressure Swedish massage to slow the body tensions by using mixed Chinese herbs powder with Lavender oil, following by warm and cool hand-selected coastal stones massage and finish with Pacific Sea Salt foot scrub.

This is the simply the best combination of nature products and Holistic Healing Massage refresh and enhance your body Energy.

• $45/30 mins ; $65/60 mins

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Massage treats the whole person entirely and restore him to a state of Balance. Thai massage combines gentle yoga-like stretching with massage the muscles, tendons, pressure points and Energy Lines (Sen)

• $45/30 mins ; $65/60 mins

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage performed by the Therapist bare foot. There are 4,700 nerve endings at the bottom of our foot, this means by foot the Massage Therapist can feel all your knots, adhesions, tight spots. Deep

Tissue massage relieves all tensions in deepest muscles. This masage was voted the best masage in central coast of California.

• $45/30 mins ; $65/60 mins